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Vision Statement

Mesquite High School Athletic Medicine specializes in injury and illness prevention, assessment, nutrition, treatment and rehabilitation to every student-athlete. The Mesquite High School Athletic Medicine Program is committed to being a community resource and visable leader in sports medicine services.

Mission Statement


The Mesquite High School Athletic Medicine Program provides customary athletic training services to the student-athletes of Mesquite High School. The services to be delivered can be broken down into five areas:


      1. Prevention of Athletic Injuries

       2. Recognition, Evaluation and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries

       3. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries

       4. Health Care Administration

       5. Professional Development and Responsibility


We are dedicated to using up to date expertise in the delivery of these services. We will remain committed to instruction, clinical skill development, and equipment used in the distribution of athletic training services so that our student athletes will be guaranteed of the most modern care available.

The Purpose of the Mesquite Athletic Medicine Program:


     1. Allow easy access to athletic training services to each student-athlete

     2. Substancially reduce th risk of athletic injury for those student-athletes in our care

     3. Enable injured student-athletes to rehabilitate and return to their sports as soon as is

         medically safe.

     4. Encourage a philosophy a sport that stresses health and wellness

     5. Provide a dynamic athletic training student program for possible health care professionals

The underlying philosophy for the athletic medicine program is that the needs of the student-athlete shall always be the first consideration for all members of the athletic training staff. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of our athletic medicine program so that our student-athlete can be assured of the highest quality in athletic medicine care. Furthermore, we are committed to a family enviroment of customer service in addressing problems and concerns in a timely manner so that the needs of our student-athletes can continue to be met.

Athletic Training Facility Treatment/Rehabilitation Times:


     Morning Treatments....... Monday - Friday.......8:00am to 8:40am


     Lunch Treatments..........Monday - Friday.....30 minutes(bring your lunch to

                                                                          to the athletic training facility)


     After School Treatments.......By appointment only!!


     Summer Hours ..............Monday - Thursday.....9:00am to 12:00noon

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