The next Booster Club meeting is Monday, June 4th in the MHS Library @ 7:00pm.

Parents, we need your help!

We can't be at every game. So, if you take pictures of your son or daughter, and would like to see them posted on Facebook or the Booster Club website, please email the pictures to us.


Send to:


Do you know someone who would like to be a Junior Skeeter?


If you are interested in letting your child be a part of the Junior Skeeters, please use the link to the form below to sign them up. It is a great way for them to be a part of a big Skeeter tradition. They get to run through the helmet after the players at the beginning of each home game (Hanby or Memorial).


It is absolutely FREE!


They just need to be signed up and show up, and each year they get a new Skeeter T-shirt for being a member. Kids should check in at the booster club table between 7 and 7:10pm. We look forward to seeing them lead us into the game!



Click here to register



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