The next Booster Club meeting is Monday, June 4th in the MHS Library @ 7:00pm.

Parents, we need your help!

We can't be at every game. So, if you take pictures of your son or daughter, and would like to see them posted on Facebook or the Booster Club website, please email the pictures to us.


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The Maroon Maniacs were organized in 2008, as the modern day version of the

Skeeter Guard. The Maniacs transport and protect Stormy, as well as escort the

Varsity cheerleaders. The group does various spirit activities, such as leading

cheers with the cheerleaders, hoop stunts, building pyramids on the field, spelling

out letters during timeouts as well as running with the flags after a Skeeter score.

The Maniacs also help out during home basketball games.

Applications for the Maniacs are taking in the spring of the previous school year,

and members are chosen that show extreme spirit. As of 2013, the Maniacs

transport the 20' tall inflatable Stormy. And as of the 2017 football season, the Maniacs

will also  be in charge of the Helmet Crew.

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