The next Booster Club meeting is Monday, June 4th in the MHS Library @ 7:00pm.

Parents, we need your help!

We can't be at every game. So, if you take pictures of your son or daughter, and would like to see them posted on Facebook or the Booster Club website, please email the pictures to us.


Send to:


                              Varsity Head Coach:                Jeff Fleener

                              Assistant Coach/O.C.:              Chris Moseley

                              Assistant Coach/D.C.:              Brandon Stewart

                              Assistant Coach/Co-D.C.:        Nick McBroom           

                              Assistant Coach/Assist. H.C.:  Jerrett McCollom

                              Assistant Coach:                      Jason Bailey

                              Assistant Coach:                      Reggie Fish

                              Assistant Coach:                       Keith Settler

                              Assistant Coach:                      Nick Jackson

                              Assistant Coach:                       Gordon Booker

                              Assistant Coach:                       Tom Mills

                              Assistant Coach:                       Philip El-Aya

                              Assistant Coach:                      Cameron Onic


                                      Head Coach:               Todd Purl

                                      Assistant Coach:         Todd Ritter

                                      Assistant Coach:         Tony Bowles

                                      Assistant Coach:         Jerrell Chumley

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